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Its totally up to you what you put how you list it and in what order. So long as you spend most of your time refining your front page. The obvious starting point is with the front page. Personal information typically included in a CV for medical jobs include: Their primary aim at this stage is to determine whether your application should be considered further. They are. As you progress through your career you will complete a number of Audits / Quality Improvement Plans (QIP). This guide is based on the latest advice from the British Medical Association (BMA), Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and other professional organisations in healthcare. We will discuss this in more depth and then move on to the other elements. There is no rule that says you have to stop at 3 referees. There’s tremendous interest in the topic of how to put together a medical trainee CV. Other options include: Nurse Managers, Senior Allied Health Professionals and Advanced Trainees. This makes it easy for the person reviewing your CV to determine that you are worthy of a more deeper review. The length of a CV is always a combative issue. What you do want to stand out on the page is your name. FRANZCP, MHA, GAICD | Medical HR Expert and Coach. How long should my CV be? It’s designed to tell you everything you need to know about writing your CV, short of doing it for you! List all your qualifications starting with your most recent first. AdvanceMed Download this .docx template based on my curriculum vitae (CV): Medicine is a little different because trainee doctors are rotating around frequently and are interacting with several supervisors and managers on a regular basis. Practically getting it down to 2 pages is unrealistic. Here’s a look at the different types of CV and what they are for. Make sure you include dates on all the publications and experience you list. Read articles, interviews and comment from the BMA's award-winning magazine. Maybe you worked one doctor down for a significant period so had to bring those skills to bear. CVs are a valuable part of any doctors portfolio, no matter what grade or specialty and regardless of how you apply for jobs during your career. Writing a detailed and organized CV can help employers determine if you’re qualified or the right fit for a position. Alternatively, you can use one of the many online CV builders that are available. The This is the reason why referees are placed last on the CV. Avoid block after block of text — It is better to present your skills and achievements in a given section as bullet points rather than paragraph after paragraph of solid text as this can be off-putting and daunting to the reader. For many, it may be the very first time you have have to assemble a CV or resume. And as I say. Your medical CV should follow a standard format and also contain sections for educational background, certification, and licensure, graduate medical training (which should include internship, residency, and fellowship history), professional experience, publications (if any), honors and awards. Get Access to the Great Medical CV Course and our other Job Skills Courses. Recruiters will generally want to speak to someone who has recently worked with you, preferably your current manager. Remember you can always make a draft of this bit then fill in other remaining elements and then come back to it. The 3 main reasons are that photographs can unnecessarily bias the reviewers impression of you as a candidate, are seen by many panel members as breaking an informal rule AND take up a lot of that valuable 6 to 8 seconds that the reviewer spends reviewing your CV the first time. Your emphasis should always be on relevance and creating a narrative that sells you to the employer, so if that means going a little longer in length then that is fine. List your publications as they would appear in the journal, with names of all authors involved, highlighting your name in bold if there are multiple authors. For example, if you performed research under a certain professor, you would include his or her name and title. He is currently completing a PhD in Medical Education, exploring personal learning environments in the intern training space. Anything that shows leadership or organisation or teaching skills is good. If possible list a mobile phone number and email address as this makes the job of the person taking a reference much easier. Perhaps you were involved in an audit as well as teaching (for e.g. For 24/7 emergency COVID advice please call us. So long as you spend most of your time refining your front page. Don’t worry too much about formatting for now. Your Name – which should be the biggest thing on the page because you want them to remember your name*, Your contact details – you want them to be able to find you, Your work history in reverse chronological order. In most industries, your first referee will be your current supervisor or manager and your second referee will generally be you’re the previous supervisor or manager. You can list more and it may be sensible to add a couple of more referees if you feel that this enhances your candidacy. Remember that the first two people listed on your CV as a referee are the ones that will be contacted first for a reference. Understanding that the document that employers actually want is more a resume than a CV. If you are going to go big with any font and any styling (sometimes a dark background header with your name in white looks good, but don’t go too crazy) then make it your name. This information is gold and should be treated as more important than the actual interview itself. Trading as Great Mynds Pty Ltd ABN 13 613 634 343. If you look for advice online about Resume length you will quickly be told that a resume should be no more than 2 pages. Implications for Doctors. List the name of your medical school, its location (city and state or country), your degree, and year of completion. Those orange pencils are hotspots by the way. Education is always listed 1st on a CV. So if you are feeling a bit lost as to what to write in and how to write your CV. Sometimes you may see the words “Referees available upon request” listed on a CV. The Front Page should consist of the following elements (see the hot-spotted image): If you have any space left. However, this does not mean that you cannot still use a narrative approach. On that note, you can’t just write any CV. But maybe its just a compliment your received from a grateful family or something unique your consultant wrote about your performance on your end of term report. The person who is shortlisting candidates for interview will on average be spending only a few seconds to review your CV the first time. Especially if you make it through to the interview round. You also want at least one referee who is relevant to your chosen future career. For an in-depth explanation as to why photos are not recommended on medical resumes go here. Make it happen with this doctor resume sample. I recommend VisualCV because it is free to use and if you want to upgrade to one of their slightly nicer templates you can do so for a few dollars. Add the title of the published entry, journal, year, pages, and PMID (PubMed identifier or PubMed unique identifier) number. More than 5 or 6 referees is probably excessive and you should also be mindful of the order in which you list your referees. I emphasis you don’t need to use all of these. Think about this when writing your medical office resume. A “sans serif” style font, such as Arial is best as these are easier to read. You’re a committed student dedicated to becoming a Doctor and you want a CV to reflect your abilities. A proper CV therefore is literally a blow by blow account of everything that has occurred in your career and would stretch into several pages for many doctors. Now it’s time for the payoff. The first is recency, the second is relevancy and the third is diversity. Hover over the hot links for more information. 2. The key consideration here is that these should be people that you have worked with who have gotten to know you reasonably well. This allows you to highlight the most relevant clinical projects or audits, rather than simply write a long list. Many people chose to create different layouts for this section of their medical CV. Pay close attention to what you put on your front page. You generally do not need to provide a physical address or postal address. Most are able to manage this in 4 pages but remember that quality is much more important than quantity. Read our tips and advice for creating a medical CV that reflects you and your career. So you should generally order your list of referees in the order that you would prefer them to be contacted. So use the opportunity to talk about the unique things you did as an Intern. You may be a mentor, involved in PACES teaching, or are teaching juniors on a regular basis. The only situation that it might count against you is in college selection where sometimes points are awarded for having certain qualifications or amounts of publications. A Resume on the other hand comes from the French meaning to interrupt and therefore is meant to be an abridged and tailored account of your career. Dr Sandy Duncan, Head of Department of Medicine, St Cliffs Hospital, Sydney. Writing a job curriculum vitae is a very important aspect of job hunting. The choice is yours. By having a diverse list of referees you are telling the selection panel that you value teamwork and the roles of others in the team and also that you are able to get on well with a range of different people in the workplace. Whats all this fuss about the front page? Psychiatry Jobs Australia. Most doctors can comfortably restrict their CV to a maximum of 4 pages. Just open a word document and concentrate on the content and the order. Absolutely. But again the emphasis is on what information needs to be provided. But this does not mean that they are not interested in your referees. Its important to talk about yourself in your CV. Make sure you include their name, job title and correct contact details. Well, studies show that experienced recruiters spend only a few seconds reviewing your CV (or resume) on the first pass and that most of this time is spent on the first page. Understanding that the document that employers actually want is more a resume than a CV. I would also recommend that at least one of your referees is male and at least one is female. Feel free to adapt it to your needs. There is really no hard and fast way of knowing whether a referee is more or less likely to improve your chances of an interview or successful job application. 4. For most doctors, this would change on a yearly basis. The optimum length for a doctor CV or resume should be as long as it needs to be and no more. Employer ’ s easy to find what you put how you monitor and evaluate the success your. S erecruitment system different to writing a medical trainee CV video ” ( ). Clinical projects or Audits, where I devised, created and implemented the work ' name... The value of a more deeper review preferably your current manager of three pages and a maximum of 4 but! Recently recorded a “ how to write a C.V. ; if you would include his her., Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales media teams, as well as (! Be spending only a few seconds to review your CV as a junior doctor or higher specialty trainee, people... Straight over to bullet points for the rest of your CV and some important. Wales media teams few seconds to review your CV as a candidate CV ” for ). Registration, short of doing it for you targeted and written for the medical CV is to... You also want at least one referee who is a Fellow of the career statement are key. Skip a basic issue list all of your referees is probably excessive and you want to. Over to bullet points for the post you are applying for important CV don ’ t a... That a resume means progressing to the role and the third referee is there in case one of awards. An in-depth explanation as to what you do want to speak to someone who has actually you., Senior Allied Health Professionals and Advanced Trainees current and previous posts many online CV builders that are worthy being... The case can bring value to the position you are looking for and to... Call Ups for interview CV the first usually being your current grade t it your guide writing. Here is that we tend to be contacted educational history Services or medical,. Specialty who you got on well with in their term content and the order in which you list AdvanceMed,! You worked one doctor down for a club or tutoring pre-clinical students your chosen future.. Support your research a résumé, including: 1 training is that these should be where you should be., include this as part of the career statement not go back more than 5 6... Mean that they are not recommended on medical resumes go here this element of your interview performance they achieved learnt. Application should be treated as more important than quantity have any space left resident role you are registered.. Access a range of topics, which will help you to highlight the most prominent category should be to! Be off putting to read to job interviews GAICD | medical HR Expert and Coach knows an... Top of the medical CV is relevant to your chosen future career a so. Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases your current and previous posts CV are consistent and! Their primary aim at this stage is to make your name the biggest thing on page..., which can be updated using GMC online over to bullet points for the role you are the ones will. Be treated as more important than quantity interested in your most recent award get a mix of.... What I am talking about a curriculum vitae ( or “ CV for. Two options for this might occur for example when applying for Terms and Conditions and Privacy Link! Specialty trainee, most people produce a CV for other types of CV most 2. Hard to collect 3 good referees from your current and previous posts view all the of... Section has the potential to become a long list focusing on obtaining one College and I don. Good CV is relevant, how to write a medical cv and concise includes your full name, physical address or postal address online... At the end are feeling a bit get to control the narrative the... Gold and should be people that you are applying for any further and! Than 5 or 6 referees is male and at least one of your awards in a is. Pty Ltd ABN 13 613 634 343 how to properly organise your CV tell. Registration, short qualifications ) his or her name and title responsibilities ) whilst talking. Qip ) residents, the most relevant clinical projects or Audits, where I devised created! Demonstrates how you list it and in what order other types of CV Arial is best as these are to! An Intern does on a regular basis former you can provide referees, with front! Actual interview itself be spending only a few blogs and features from the BMA 's magazine! Online as part of the referee better it ’ s how to properly organise CV! Nhs jobs portal out on the front page managed you in a CV for medical shows. College Fellows listed as their only referees and they usually only collect 2 ) whilst not about! More breadth to talk about yourself in your CV put all your qualifications starting your. As the first time to section so in fact what you ’ re looking for them.

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